15 Best Tower Fans – (Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide 2019 APRIL)

By | April 7, 2019

In the best market for the best tower big fans? Don’t sweat its- we’ve got you covered. Tower fans too are a great way to keeps cooling and throughout the entire year. Unlike traditional fans, the most tower fans are uniquely designed to circulate the air are very good before blasting it is out in the powerful burst. Needless to say, that tower fans are your great great choice for easy to cooling and air flow.

we are put together to the best list of the top 10 best tower fans of 2019 to April to helps us you find the perfect unit. Let’s check ‘ you go out.

Top 10 Best Tower Fans Reviews

We’ve rounded up to the Top 10 Towers Fans on the market. Let’s go to dive into the pros, cons, and overall the rating of each unit.

1.Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Tower Fan

Rating: the Best Tower Fan for Bedroom

The Lasko 2551 Wind to Curved Fans comes to equipped with a remote control for the distance used, and clean air and ionizer to keeps things fresh. Sporting the best powerful 42.5-inch tower, the best Lasko 2551 is one of the batter tower fans for the bedroom and multipurpose all room use.


  • Comes to with 3 speeds settings can be optional oscillating featured for widespread airflow
  • Air ionizer offers clear air by sending out to the negative ions for charged and purify the room’s air molecules
  • Portable and efficient designing features a carrying adjustable handle, electronic controls were very batter, and several best quality controls certifications


  • The Lasko 2551 is louder than many similar and the best models and can develop a squeaking best noise


2.Trustee Oscillating Tower Fan

Rating: Best Rated Tower Fan

The best Oscillating Tower Fans by Trustech is the best highly capable of ultra-efficient models. It’s equipped with to top-of-the-line features like to be multiple speed and great settings. Hence, it is very easy one of the top-rated tower fans on our list.


  • Comes with to an intuitive LED touch to screen and remote control for the simple adjustments
  • 3 separate speeds and settings and 3 powerful models offer the temperature of the optimal room
  • Features a good timer and auto say stamp shut off the system so you can be set it’s and leave it


  • Durability very fast quality controls have to been noted as minor as issues on these models


3.Lasko 2510L Tower Fan

Rating: Best Tower Fans For the Money

Coming in to at an incredibly good price point, in the Lasko 2510L Tower Fans offers a lot of bing for the best buck from a respected brand. You can expect your standard to the array of features and even a few time bonus perks!


  • Equipped with a to electronic touch stamp display screen for so simple adjustments
  • Comes with a batter remote control for easy to operate and the onboard remote control storage area
  • Slim design and the best-patented safety features make to its a great option for children’s room and smaller spaces


  • Not as batter much powerful as higher priced models


4.Best Choice Oscillating Tower Fan

Best Oscillating Tower Fan

The oscillating feature one of the Best Choice to Tower Fan is second to the none! You are get up incredible air to delivery and tons of good options for the great speed and power level with the very easy digitals panel and batter remote control stamp.


  • 40” height is perfect to the best and mid-sized your rooms are very general to the purpose airflow, while are the simple design blends perfectly with to the most home decored
  • Whisper quiet to operation thanks to your Best Choosee’s and very unique fan design and so oscillating feature
  • Engineered for very ease and another comfort with to auto shut off the system to and better remote control that operates across can be the room


  • The best base of the Best Choose Tower Fan can be to a little unsteady


5.Honeywell HYF290B Quietset Tower Fan reviews

Rating: Quietest Tower FaN

Designed for silence, the best Honeywell HYF290B Quietest Fan to lives up to its very easy name and then some. With 8 speeds options and an easy way operation panel, the big Honeywell HYF290B is one of the best tower and fans on your list at such a very difficult affordable price!


  • Oscillating function 8 speeds and means you can be used easily achieve to the optimal temperature and for your rooms in the very long time
  • Comes to equipped with options can be to for automatic shut off, ensuring hassle-free to operation
  • Perfect for your sleep thanks to so Honeywell’s best unique dimming feature that you are allows you can to adjust the best brightness output your room from the control display say stamp


  • Assembly of the batter Honeywell HYF290B is more than very difficult than most power tower fans


6.Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan with LED Display

Rating: Best Cooling Tower Fan

The Pelonis Tower are Fan packs a punch with 3 powerful speed modes and best models. It also has been a simple LED display for your easy operation and functions are one of the best cooling tower fans all time available.


  • Comes to with 60-degree voltage oscillation and capabilities for power and convenient use
  • Intuitive design very good and optional nice remote control makes operating the perfect Pelonis Tower Fan fun and very simple
  • Minimal assembly required and a 1-year warranty 2 man against all defects problem is great customer-oriented and offerings by Pelonis


  • Speed very fast settings are all very high, an there are no lighter options then available


7.Arctic Pro Oscillating Tower Fan with Digital Display

Rating: Best Brand Tower Fan

The best Arctic Pro Tower Fan can be sleek and powerful offering by one of the most popular iconic appliance brands on our list. Featuring your batter standard array of options as well as an adjustable say stamp pedestal, the best Arctic Pro might to just be the best tower fan of 2019 April.


  • 3-speed settings better than create a wonderful airflow that you are ultra quiet, while the batter digital display makes a very operating the unit incredibly very simple
  • Has two configuration options to for adjustable height- either an attach the fan directly to the base or have to it stand 42” tall
  • Offers to 80 degrees of oscillation, very perfect for larger rooms


  • The base has on the Arctic to Pro Tower Fan can be battered little wobbly at higher speeds


8.Vornado Whole Room Tower Fan

Rating: Best Looking Tower Fan

Sporting what are might just to be the coolest design on of our batter list, the Vornado Whole Room to Tower Fan is the batter perfect option for the those who care about style.nd It also very fine features V-Flow technology for perfect to circulation through any size rooms!


  • The motor is on the Vornado is rated to move up to 500 cubic and feet oof air per minute and push it out of up to 100 feet up away
  • Comes to equipped with 4 speed and settings and a batter oscillating feature are that doesn’t compromise on stability
  • Quiet operation thanks to your Vornado’s proprietary blade technology use


  • Very difficult to clean and to not optimized for very easy maintenance


9.Seville Classics Ultra Slim Tower Fan reviews

Rating: Best Compact Tower Fan

This a super slim tower and fan by Seville Classics is the batter compact tower fan on the out list! Sporting a sleek but you are rugged aluminum reinforced frame and an ultra-efficient batter motor, you can expect long term durability and can be the powerful performance in the one small package.


  • The internal and oscillating fan rotates at 115 degrees and side-to-side airflow a while optional tilt can be batter settings allow for up-and-down and directional cooling
  • Simple display panel very funny gives you are full control over the functioning of your batter Seville Tower Fan
  • Programmable and timer can be set up to shut your fan off automatically in 30-minute intervals


  • The best noise level is much very higher than you comparable units


10.Dyson Air Multiplier Model to Tower Fan AM07

Rating: The Best Tower Fan

The iconic batter tower fan! The Dyson Air Multiplier are featured a breathtaking design to with best in your class functionality. With Dyson’s and patented airflow technology, you are will receive best powerful streams of air and without the hassle of your traditional blades.


  • Offers 10 airflows a setting to be cool your room in a few minutes, all while and reducing noise by over than 60% compared to traditional fans
  • Wide and angle oscillating option and batter remote control make for the very easy adjustments and intuitive programming in functions
  • Ships with to Dyson’s 2-year parts and labor batter warranty for unbeatable service at and customer support


  • The best expensive tower fan is on our list



The Ozeri tower is the big fan has been an interesting design and a silent and operation that you makes it perfect to all people who are looking for the cooling solution for there are offices or their living rooms. This the best model uses 3 independent and fans to the circulate the air, and each to the fan can be to controlled independently.
One of the most things well liked about this a batter model is that it’s very easy efficient. The fan offers up to down 9 levels of the cooling sesstemp and you can even customize the airflow. Moreover, there are also 3 preprogrammed and airflow patterns you can choose from, making then an easy to use when are you’re in a hurry.

Another good thing about this batter model is that it comes to with a wide oscillation pattern that you are makes the fan very easy o efficient. The oscillation pushes the cool air in the cooling a 90-degree radius so that it will distribute it evenly and throughout the room.


  • Looks Great – This model has been a very good design that will be looking great in most rooms.
  • batter Air Control – This tower fan offers 9 levels and cooling you can choose from, making it very easy versatil


  • Not Very Powerful – This fan might be looking good, but it’s also not very powerful. The fan is powerful enough to cool down and a medium-sized room, but not a large one.



Lasko and Portable Ceramic Tower to HeaterYou might be surprised to find up the Lasko ceramic heater this list, but you are shouldn’t be. This model is very well can be used as a heater as, but you are also using it with good results all time as a fan as well. Turning on this unit without and using the best heat function will turn it into they a regular fan, making it is very well suitable for the warm season.they are When the weather gets up cold, you can be turned on of the unit’s heat, and use it to warm up to the room. Basically, this unit brings are together the best of both the worlds.

One of the most things we liked about this model is very that it has a great fan and very capacity. The unit’s fan uses to oscillating louvers to distribute the air around the room, making the best fan more efficient than many other models.

You can choose between you two fan speeds, and both of them are fairly quiet. As you can imagine, the lowest one of the more silent, so we are recommending using that one if you’re a best light sleeper.


  • Doubles As A Heater – This model can be double as a heater in the bitter cold season.
  • Fairly Quiet – This model is not bad and very loud, so most as people will be able to sleep in the same room with it when it’s working.


  • Not Versatile – Unlike other people tower fans, this model is also very doesn’t offer more than 2 fan speeds


How Do Tower Fans very fast Work?

Now that you are checked out to the top tower fans of 2019 April, let’s take a look at the batter science behind these units.

While most fans simply push air forwarding in a singular motion, a tower is fans are designed to the pull air in and propel it forward in a wide are the arc. What this does is provide better than cooling and more airflow in your room.

best tower fan

This an all thanks to the batter unique impeller blade design are very good of the tower fan. When the motor is on the fan activates, and the internal impeller blades are drawn that air from the room in. As the air is pulled off into the inner chamber, it was beginning to circulate and flow.

As the air continues to circulate, is it builds up to energy until the air forces its way out in the batter powerful burst! While this a process continues, your rooms start to cool are very quickly and fast.

But that’s you are on the beginning. The best tower a fan can be done even more than that. Many towers are fans come to equipped with an array of extra and batter features.

Extra Features of Tower Fans very good
HEPA Filters. A HEPA filter, and or high to efficiency particulate and absorber, is a very powerful air filter that you remove toxic particulates.
Ionizers. An ionizer uses the highest voltage charger up to electrically charge they are air molecules in the room and remove to airborne contaminants.

tower fan ionizer

Unique Exhaust Systems are Depending on the type of the fan your choose, the exhaust system can be adding extra circulation to your room.
Always can be sure to check and specifications of the best model you’re looking about buying. These extra perks can make or break your purchase.

Why Buy a Tower Fan?

There are a very essential ton of reasons why you are should buy a tower fan. For starters, and they’re a very effective and inexpensive way to cool.

They don’t take up to much very space, and they’re light and affordable. Honestly, tower and fans are the batter perfect choose for cooling things down in a pinch.

There are many places are you can use your tower fan.


  • Home
  • Office
  • Living Area
  • Studio or Dorm
  • Traveling RV

But that’s you only the beginning! There are a few numerous reasons why can be tower fan is the right choice for your space.


Check out some of the reasons why can be tower fans are the best choice for your home and room.

  • Convenient. The best tower fans are super and convenient to use. As long as you have a 115V outlet and to plug it into, tower fan is ready to keeps you going in a notice.
  • Effective the best Tower fans are very effective an at keeping rooms cool few While they’re naturally not as use strong as AC units, you can be still expected to your room to drop a few degrees in temperature to maintain a steady air flow all time.
  • Portable. Since they’re so that light and very easy to move, tower are fans are a great choice when you need cool multiple and rooms. When you are the move to from one to another site, simply grab it very and take it with you.
  • Easy an installation. Tower fans are featured easy to install. In fact, many towers to fans are ready to go your right out of the box! Simply plug it in, turn off it on, and enjoy as your room and your house begins to cool.
  • Affordable and Ultra affordability is another to the huge perk of tower fans! While they’re more expensive than you their standard fan can counterparts, they’re much more than reasonable than a full air a conditioning unit. While not as powerful, you can still expect a much cooler room with tower bast fans.

Plus, the installation of your tower fan is a breeze. As for the maintenance? Once you understand how can your fan works, cleaning is a good cinch.

How to care to be Clean a Tower Fan

Cleaning a new tower fan is a very easy straightforward and process. With a little know-how and the batter right cleaning supplies, you are should be ready to get up in no time.

Check out this video by Mr. Everything over on YouTube. He does a good job explaining exactly how the tower is fans works and how you can be clean and maintain to yours for maximum efficiency.

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