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By | August 1, 2019

The higher the sun’s intensity, the more sunblock or sunscreen should be used on SPF (Sun Pact Factor). For example, writing SPF 4 on a sunscreen cream or lotion means that it will give your skin 5 times more protection than your skin.

If you are out for an hour and a half after use, it will protect you from the sun. So the longer you stay in the sun, the more SPF sunscreen you pick.

Usage rules

Winter, Summer, Monsoon – Sunblock or sunscreen should be used throughout the season. However, the need for heat is a little higher. The intense sunlight is especially harmful to our skin from 9am to 4pm. Even if the sky is cloudy, you need to use sunblock or sunscreen before leaving. At least 20 minutes before exiting, apply to the skin, especially the hands, feet, face, neck, neck. Apply sunscreen lip balm on the lips as well. If you are out for a long time, use it again for 2 to 5 sunscreen

If you want to make makeup, first apply sunblock, after 20 minutes, use makeup or other cosmetics.

What’s in the sunblock and sunscreen

Listening to sunblock and sunscreen may seem like two things. There are actually small differences. Although the work is the same, the method of working is different. Sunscreen creates a coating on the skin, so the ultra-violet ray can’t penetrate deep into the skin. Sunblock reflects sunlight, so the ray can’t go up to the skin. Sunscreen contains all the ingredients of sunblock. Sunblock does not have all the ingredients of sunscreen. So sunscreen is better than sunblock.

Oily, dry and sensitive skin

There are many types of sunblock and sunscreen available in the market. Such as – aument, cream, jelly, lotion, spray, powder, whisk stick etc. If your skin is oily, choose sunblock lotion or sunscreen powder. Cream formulation for dry skin. Apply gel to the area of ​​the skin, especially the hands and feet. Use a whisk stick around the eye. Sunscreen Lipbaum for lips. Use sunblock suitable for children whose skin is sensitive. Children are usually given SPF 5 levels of sunblock.

Look at these when buying, and if you follow these rules of use then there will be no side effects.

Buy lotions or creams to understand the type of skin at the time of purchase. Buy whether or not there is a term.

Most importantly buy SPF 5 or higher.

Ways to lift sunblock or sunscreen

When returning home after a full day, sunscreen or sunblock should be well taken from the skin. First wash your face with lots of water. You can rub your face with ice cubes. Apply cucumber to the mouth or put ice cubes in the refrigerator in the refrigerator and use daily. It will save time. Besides, you can clean the skin with rose water. Then wash face with facewash. At the end, apply a moisturizer.

Natural sunscreen creamc  best sunscreen

Many worry about how our skin will be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays when going out or cooking. Not only during the summer but also throughout the year, sunscreen cream is needed for skin protection.

You know, we can make and use the perfect sunscreen cream at home. Ex:

* Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen. It has SPF 5-7.

* Shea Butter – SPF- (3-5) Shea Butter Naturally protects the skin. It may be our perfect sunscreen in the harsh sunshine.

* Amanda Oil – Amanda Oil is a favorite of many for the skin. From this time on, you can use oat oil on the skin before it gets out of the sun. It has SPF-1.

* Jojoba, Sunflower or Sesame Oil – The skin absorbs the oils easily and acts as a natural sunblock.

Also, those who want to use an outside sunblock can use the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF3 or the Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturizer. They bring a different luster to the skin. It is permanently protected for up to 2 sunscreen

Apply sunscreen cream gently on the skin for 5 to 5 minutes before everyone goes out or cook. Protects the skin from harmful rays

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