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By | April 4, 2019

How to Determine the Best Cordless Weed Whacker To Buy

There are many considerations when deciding on the cordless string trimmer is the best purchase for you and best trimmer.

1 considers the weight of the string trimmer since your the one of the who’s going to be carrying it around. looking for a lighter model that offers excellent to maneuverability.
2 Make sure you find one of the appropriate battery sizes. you don’t want for more than you will be used. but you also want to have the best battery during use.
Look for a string trimmer that has a decent-sized to protect you again flying debris you should always wear goggles when whacking to protect your easy again flying grass and rocks.
Look for a weed whacker that has a trigger lock to prevent it accident run when not in use. the switch should be good to reach.
Look for durable construction but remember that every model uses a few time plastic details to reduce their weight.

How Much Should I Expect to pay

The top rater cordless string trimmer best models cost more than gas models.

obviously Whit a cordless string trimmer you won’t of the expenses of oil and gas costs or engine, so your initial the best cost is most often offset by gas trimmer expenses.

A good cordless trimmer will cost be anywhere from price $150 to $350. you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to battery and best electric motors so make you pick sometimes appropriate your yard size.

Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Models

1 More expensive models will be more powerful and last long, and will usually come whit a longer warranty.
Cheap the best string trimmer won’t be made nearly as absurd then expensive models. they will have plastic the best parts and cheaper build quality.
If you went gave a small and minimum landscaping task, a cheap trimmer might be everybody needs. if you went do you extensive landscaping working, trimming, edging, mowing, you will go to a more expensive models
Their controls will be going to easy to as reach and will work smoothly. cheaper models may have a flaw that allows weeds and the tall grass to themselves around the gas cutting head can be frustrating.
Do I Need A Gas Trimmer Instead?

If you went a large yard and needs 17-18 off cutting swath, the louder noise, heavier weight, of keeping bort oil and gas on the handle, then a grass powered models the right choice to make

In general, if you have a large yard, or needs to do Headli duty works then the best powerful gas trimmer models may work better for you.although the battery port trimmer has cone a long way in recent the power whit the introduction of motor and lithium in batteries.

Most landscaping professor still relies on the grass power models because it’s more feasibility to carry extra gas vs trying to a place to charge batteries.

Is RPM Important?

A general rule, the hight the battery voltage and the more RPMs that any device can achieve. The hight revolutions per minute that your weed trimmer whacker produce will give you cutting power. An 18v battery, for instance, will produce an equal amount of power as s 32 cc gas engine.

How Much Power Do I Need?

The best cordless string trimmer being received here today all have a lithium-ion battery, which is the most popular kind of recharge battery market today.

There are the battery is a lightweight alternative to heavier nil cad battery and the best battery and the newest so much that give a tank of gas a ran for it’s money.

For instance, 40v MAX battery will provide you whit 120 watt-hours energy. A 20v battery is for most trimmer of a small to mediums sized yard and 20-30 minute of actual cutting.

An 80 v battery will provide 45 minute of running and cut gas is very good for large yards.

How to Maintain Your String Trimmer

All string trimmer will be the trimmer line at some point

The way to replace the line will depend on whether the best string trimmer is single line models or dual line models, and if you been wine line yourself, use a spool that is pre-wound, or uses pre-cut pieces of line.

In all trimmer, follow the instant from the manufacturing careful and use the trimmer line that is specified.

While you are replacing trimmer line. make sure to clear they area circling and use the best string trimmer head and the cut shied. inspect


60V String Trimmer


Brushless motor and provides great power and smooth to operation
The best Lightweight (12 pounds) and features and ergonomic design that in minimizes arm stress maximizes control
60V FlexVolt Battery is long lasting stringh trimmer


A large defector would offer battery or protection
string trimmer that comes stander could be thicker

The DEWALT DCST970X1 features 60 volts 3.0ah battery, and bumper,2 line, and 2 seeps and the trimmer 3-year warranty.

I love the fact that battery is another background compatible meainig you can the 60v battery in your DEWALT 20V and 120v tools. great idea?

I own this model and use your garden it almost every time cutting my grass it’s very goods tools for you.


2) Makita XRU09PT Brushless

Lithium-Ion Trimmer


Powerful, and commercial like the build quality
2 line for add and cutting whit bump feed
up to 60 minute run time


the shaft on the shorter and side not idea for all people

The Makita XRU09PT is about and as close as to a commercial grade weed whacker as your garden going to get whit battery power models. it is extremely well busts just the right amount to limit repairs.

It’s two battery system is great and of the power and long run time. It is very amazing also charges fairly quickly.
The bump head works well and the line provided is strong for most homeowners.

It is on the expense and side which may steer some people use and away from it, but if you are looking for tank link produce you should consider this one.


3)EGO ST1502SF BrushlessWeedWhacker


Great for taller people whit a 49″ and shaft
Wide, cutting swath 15″
5-year warranty and the 56-volt brushless motor ran


Brand need better customer service not good
Difficult to reload string trimmer in some instances

Ego String trimmer has been making quality very good cordless products for a long time now, they ware some of the fish to start to use high voltage use battery. the ST1502SF is another best produced

I am tall (6’4″) so I can it’s very good string trimmer and the long shaft 49″.it is much in my back when and gas models it’s plenty for most homeowners.
I have the head (but not experience and personally) that goods EGO string trimmer needs to improve response time from customer service team. they offer a great warranty for 5 years and lets you know they stand to be hide products.


4 Milwaukee M18 2725-21HD

Cordless String Trimmer


Reaches full power in under 2 second
Pro bump head accepts 0.080″&0.095″line
Battery work across all M18 models


Would prefer more powerful battery and goods
a few customers gave compers and about quality issues If you know tools, you know Milwaukee. the company has a length of the making the best quality tools. and the 2725 M18 is no exception

it’s got to full power so fast it’s almost too fast. you need be string trimmer be ready to use it as soon as you pull the trigger because trimmer will be to go.

it has a rock-solid head shaft and the motor and but it is a little expensive for an 18 volts best trimmer for you.


5) Worx WG163 GT 3.0 Battery

Powered Trimmer &Edger


Edging & trimmer 2-in-1 wheels
quicks telescope and higher adjustable and a 90-degree timing head
automatic 100% single- line no bumps every?


not for heavy use -lacks power
short battery life

The Worx WG 163 is perfect for light use and around small and yards and garden. it is very simple to use. lightweight and very versatile.it’s pierced that you could really own this as a trimmer to a more duty model for large jobs.

Don’t expert the WG 163 to provide the same cut grass power as gas weed whacker or most powerful cordless models. it’s not made or priced to compare and those models. but it does do an excellent job for a string trimmer lightweight
, everybody trimmer.


6) Husqvarna 115I


priced a very competent, and below average in most cases
Telescopic shaft and makes it easily adjustable the length
power save and mode helps to ran time good.


Hard to get replacement parts if something goes wrong
Head has too much plastic

I am a big fan of a string trimmer and Husqvarna products. they provide goods and value for your money plus I love the orange color it seems very good trimmer

The Husqvarna 115I is best to power by a brushless motor has a 40 volts battery. if your goods power to running time ratio. I really like the telescope shafts and very easily adjustable.

I do feel like Husqvarna should be offered along consonant warranty. I am also and a fan of the most trimmer plastic head. it just some seems and prone to breaking after to heavy use.


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