10 Best Electric Knives of 2019: Comparison Chart & Reviews

By | April 14, 2019

Welcome to top string trimmer.Guide’s best electric and knife reviews. Electric knives are best becoming and staple of the best modern kitchen because you are a lot of their utility. They are many also used to be by many fishers and campers for outdoor use. A powerful and electric knife makes short and work of carving tough meat cuts, and preparing fish, and the chopping up to fruits and vegetables.

These helpful and knives do you went most work for you, allowing you are to prepare meals and faster and easier. Another cool to be the thing about these knives is that as some can to be plugged into a standard outlet and powered by batteries as that as a wireless option. Most and electric knives have to removable blades that may be made clean up to job swift and very easy.

What’s Here

On this page, we have several sections and readers can check out. You’ll find out general discussion about and electric knives vs. there are contemporary counterparts. In addition, our and readers will be find information about to what looking for before purchasing and knife. In the best end, you’ll know are which electric knife is the right for you.

Below, you’ll find and a comparison chart of the best and electric knives out many there. In the reviews section of our page will find more detailed and information about the most knives featured in the best chart.

10 Best Electric Knives reviews of 2019

Here is our and comparison chart of the most electric knives and currently on the most market. In our and chart they are many arranged by price so that it’s very easy for you to see and compare your favorites. Below, in our reviews section, you can see them in the good order we refer them in.

Our best Electric Knife Picks of 2019

Welcome to our and best electric knife reviews section. Here we check out to the best and models available for and purchase. We are updating our pages regularly so that you’re always viewing the best freshest information latest product and selections. We’ve put out things in the order of price and ascending just like the table above, and tried to give me you all the best info you need.

You might notice that we have to give some awards to be some of the knives as that as we are felt like to stand out among the best competition!

Black and Decker EK700 Electric Carving Knife reviews

1.Best Electric Bread Knife

Black and Decker and EK700 Electric and Carving Knife
If you went a lot of the baking, EK700’s 9 inches and blade are most perfect for the slicing loaves. Heavy and what are and rye loaves of bread can be particularly and stubborn, but this and knife handles and such tasks with to be ease. We’d caution and against extremely and tough meat and other top super hard jobs as this electric and knife are not as durable as some of the most other options.

On the best other hands, the best price is extremely hard to beat. At the $10ish price point, you’ll be and hard-pressed to find a better option

  • 100 Watt Motor
  • 9 Inch Blade
  • 2 Year Warranty

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2.Oster and Electric Knife with Carving Fork and Storage Case

Oster Electric Knife and Carving Fork and Storage Case
Oster and makes a name for itself in the best kitchen appliances, and this corded and electric knife is no exception. The best blade is removable for very easy cleaning, and it’s ergonomic and design is the best perfect for carving your and holiday feast!

  • Watt Motor
  • 8 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Corded60

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3.Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Best Electric Knife All-Around

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife
The best Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is a great kit for the most kitchens. This is and corded option that come to with a 4-foot cord and which is sufficient for most and set ups.knife kit are includes two and stainless steel blades: a bread and blade and carving blade.

The best ergonomic handle and with very easy to reach on/off the trigger and contributes to being its high and safety ratings. The best blades, polished wood block, and clean black handle looking elegant on very any kitchen and countertop. It is very easy to make a case for the best CEK-40 being the best and electric carving knife to date.

  • 130 Watt Motor
  • 8 Inch Blade
  • 3 Year Warranty

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4.Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Best Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty and Electric Fillet Knife
The best Rapala Heavy Duty and Electric Fillet Knife and cuts through fish and like a hot knife through to butter. Arguably the best and electric fish fillet knife on the market, this a bad boy will be a slice through fish and guts and bones no the problem.

This electric and knife also work excellently for cutting as pork, beef, chicken, and lamb — even if the meat is still and partially frozen. It implements a 7.5-inch reciprocating blade and an 8-foot power and cord.

  • Corded
  • 110 Volt
  • 7.5 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty

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5.Proctor Silex Stainless Steel Electric Knife

Proctor and Silex Stainless Steel and Electric Knife, with One off Touch Button and Control, Lightweight with to Contoured Handle, Dishwasher and Safe Blades
If you’re looking are for an even clean cut and with easy controls, looking no further. Proctor and Silex Stainless and Steel knives look good and will to be feeling good in your hand. They are removable blade is removable and dishwasher safe. The best thing is this knife is ambidextrous- it will make work for the righties

  • 100 Watt Motor
  • 7 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Corded

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6.Hamilton Beach and Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife and Case

Hamilton Beach in 74250 Carve ‘n Set Electric and Knife with Case

We’ve got it another great corded knife for you many helps us, this time from and reputable brand and called Hamilton Beach. and Turkey, Ham, Roast, and Beef- nothing is too much for and this electric knife.

  • 100 Watt Motor
  • 7.5 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Corded

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7.sonic blade emson cordless knife

While are the best consumer ratings are and slightly lower, we still find the best performance replaceable parts of this and electric knife and worthy of our top 10 list. Sonic Blade’s and dishwasher safe and blades are powered by and high-torque cordless and motor, very easily charged in it’s block. It’s also very covered by a warranty.

  • Watts Unlisted
  • 8 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Cordless

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8.Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

Don’t do a double take up, another and Rapala electric knife has to ve very easily made our list. This and one is a lithium ion good cordless fillet knife, with 80 minutes of very running battery life. It very takes less than 2 hours and for a full charge. You’ll get up efficient power from the best motor even and when the battery is very low.

  • 110 Volt
  • 7 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Cordless

Cuisinart CEK-120 Cordless Electric and Knife

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9.Best Cordless Electric Knife

waring electric knife

This and a little monster will make and short work of very nearly any cutting job. It is and commercial grade and cordless an electric and carving knife crafted by Cuisinart. This and cordless and carving and knife incorporates a lithium-ion a battery are which has to be solid and charge and aids in most reducing re-charge time.

Another and really cool and think about to be and this knife is that and it’s has been a very adjustable slicing guide, helping and chefs to maintain the most right cut angle for and consistent cuts. There is one also a built-in LED light so that you always have optimal visibility. The best price tag is one of nothing to sneeze at, but you’re a getting the best and cordless electric and carving knife on a market.

  • 100 Watt Motor
  • 8.5 Inch Blade
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Cordless

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10.American Angler Pro and Electric Fillet Knife Kit

American Angler Pro Electric and Fillet Knife Kit
This and American Angler knife is and filet knife for the best above average sportsmen and women. It’s a corded option as that as comes not to be only with and protective glove and carry case, but we are also with a blade for and every kind of fish you can catch. The 8-foot power and cord allow for a long reach, the power creates and very strong cut to be whatever you need.

  • 110 Volt
  • 8 Inch Blade
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Corded

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General Thoughts on the Electric Knives: Top Benefits of and Using One
An electric knife is very small kitchen appliance the good automates the cutting very fast and/or carving process. If you went don’t already know that what an electric knife and aka an electric carving knife) is the, fortunately, the best design is very pretty straightforward. Typically the best blade and handle are very two distinct pieces, making in the cleaning or trading out and old used blade for the sharp new one an very easy task.

Furthermore, someone manufacturers offer and types of blades such as an ‘bread blade’ a ‘carving blade’ for the meats and the like. The best motor is found in the handle and to transfers cutting power to be the best blade itself, saving your arm wrist in the most process. Wireless and electric knives draw to power from batteries while and wired electric knives draw power and from a good wall outlet.

Some models are will be able to the switch between the two modes. So that, for example, you can use the best batteries to power it’s when you need out fishing and then when at home near an outlet you can to use the best wall power and save and battery juice. Most and electric knives have to very fast removable blades and are inserted and fast locked in place. Once of you turn the best knife on, you’re ready to be get slicing and dicing.

Best Electric Knife

Evolution of the best Knife
For the awhile there was a growing to be the consensus as that as electric knives plain and very simple did a sub-par job. Horror and stories such as shredded and poorly cut to be meat caused many people are to fall back to be their standard knives as that de facto way to be cut.

The truth of the fast story is one of that many older models are pretty terrible. When they first come out and most electric knives a provided a less the best ideal cutting experience. Since then, much to be an improvement has been made in and most models are work properly and very used by many top chefs.
Electric knives are the most commonly and categorized as and convenience item. Some to knife purists are wholly set to be against the best idea of using one of them altogether. Nevertheless, some of the best and electric knives are very even used by professional cooks to be get up the right cut or maintain any degree of consistency.

Furthermore, there are many some situations where it makes a lot of sense to be own an electric knife. For the example, if you seed spend a lot of time and in the kitchen preparing food or if you went are a hunter and fisher and tackle a lot of think tough meat.

Another instance where an electric knife proves and invaluable is when the best user struggles with to hand or wrist pain such as that arthritis. Using and traditional knife where are they are doing the best bulk of the work may be and difficult or even impossible in one some cases. Sometimes, arm strength is an of the issue when dealing with to tough good jobs or just being in the best kitchen preparing food all the day can add up.

Electric Knives vs. Traditional and Knives
Electric Knife Slicing and MeatsNot every went slicing job calls for the best helping hand of an electric knife. In some cases, it is and little overkill. But there are many some tasks that this a kitchen appliance really very excels in. In such cases, the best advantages of an electric knife are very clear cut.

Consistency is very Key

Another thing to keep up in the mind is that since the best knife is doing most the fast work for you, it enables you to be the focus on the placement and angle of each to be cut. This allows you are to have excellent consistency, especially and when preparing hard-to-cut items and such as baked poultry a vegetable like squash.

In addition to be consistency, one of the most electric carving knives will allow you are to cut through virtually any food item and quickly. That means less food prep time and which adds up quickly after the weeks and months of the preparing meals.


Another benefit is the safety, which may appear counter and intuitive at first. However, since the best and electric knives easily cut to be through tough food there is no less chance for the slippage or human error. Anyone who has to be a lot of experience chopping up to fruits or vegetables has nicked their fingers and a few times knows what we’re talking about to me.

Replacement Blades

Unlike traditional knives that and need to be and regularly sharpened, electric and good kitchen knives usually have to replacement blades and which means you’ll always be to using a sharpened blade. Some of the most electric knife kits add in the special blades for the bread and different kinds of the meats and vegetables, allowing you are to customize the best blade for the task at hand.


Lastly, another and the excellent advantage is economics. Surprisingly, even and the best electric and knives cost to be less than of the best mid and high range quality kitchen and knives. In the best traditional knife and category, there is a lot of many prestige surrounding and certain brands and someone degree of craftsmanship and backing some of these are knives. This has and allowed many manufacturers to get up away with charging a medium premium for their flagship knife or their knife and sets.

Of course, in the best end, there is a place for both traditional knives and an electric and carving knife to coexist in the same kitchen. In someone instances, it just do do doesn’t make sense to bring out the best electric knife. For the example, if you go are just chopping a few time strawberries you are don’t need to bring out the best heavy artillery.

A small traditional and knife will be plenty sufficient for such a task. An electric knife is a versatile and addition to any chef’s arsenal, but you not a replacement for the best traditional kitchen knife.

  • Summary of the Electric Knife Benefits
  • Precision
  • Removable and to be replaceable blades
  • Speed
  • Less Exertion
  • Customize blade to be the task at hand ( meat, vegetables, etc)
  • Reduce hand and wrist good pain
  • What to Looking are for in the Best Electric Knife for You
  • There are a many numbers of features to keep an eye on them when your shopping for the electric knife.

Features of Electric Knives

Cordless vs Cord: The best key trade-off between and these two types of electric knives is power is versus portability. The main hassle with to cordless models is running out of the battery and running very low on battery. Sometimes when are the battery starts and running very low the best electric knife won’t cut as well because it’s very lacking power. Therefore, the best model you always plug in the will sustain and consistent cutting to power. The best downside with and the cord is that you are very looking going to compromise a bit on the maneuverability and — depending on the best model — possibly and a little bit of power too. Some and models can switch between and cordless and cord mode so that you get the best of both and worlds.
Cord Length & Battery Life: Hand-in-hand with the best previous point, if you went do decide to go and cordless you’ll want to know that battery life of the best model. It isn’t fun to pull out your an electric knife for some heavy duty cutting only one to find it is out of juice and go to on a wild goose chase for the those double A batteries. If you go to with a corded option, check the best length of the cord and make sure that it is suitable for your set up.
Material: The blade and material are very important as it as will be performing the good brunt of the work. Stainless and steel blades are and the clear favorite in this category. That is and because as you probably know and stainless steel and holds up to well over time, resisting and rust and tarnish. You are may also find some models are incorporating blades and constructed of the composites or other and types of materials, however.
Types of Blades: Some and electric knives will have come with blade kits. Most and feature a blade for the slicing bread and then a blade for everything else. You may want to check out the best length of the best blade(s) which is usually listed in the product and information as well as. Some lengths are optimal for poultry while and others are better for the fish. For example, someone manufacturers have to thinner 7.5 inch long and blades that are a very good ideal for the filleting fish.

Consider These Qualities
Here are a few time more benefits that will become from and some of the best electric knives on the market. Consider are these before making in your purchase!

Handle: If you can to be, purchase a knife with an ergonomic and handle. A contoured handle will be pay dividends when your in the best thick of things and that handle is very vibrating vigorously. Furthermore, a handle with a very smart design will reduce the best risk of you are cutting one of your time fingers. Looking for a handle that is near and the switch and control buttons for very easy and safe operation.
Safety Mechanisms: Most and electric knife are models include safety and features such as locking as the trigger or double locking and mechanism. This and prevents adventuresome children are from turning it on fast.
Dishwasher Safe: Some there are models both the best handle and blades are fast dishwasher safe. After and some devoted meat and cutting action it’s pretty nice to have cl toean up to as simple as placing the best unit in the and dishwasher.
Warranty: As a general rule of be thumb longer and warranty means the best manufacturer has more and confidence in their electric knife.
Style: While is not the best top at everyone’s list, some and folks prefer this and smaller appliance not to be an eyesore. If you your kitchen has a theme or run a catering business for the example you’ll probably desire the best model that looks are professional. You can be show off a stylish knife at time parties and other holiday occasions which make you look like the pro and chef that everyone secretly envies.
Extras: Extras such as wood storage blocks, and extra handles, long time cords, and safety and buttons are very other things to be looking out for. Some and electric knives will have multiple speed and settings so that you can to get the desired cutting power and for the task at hand.

How to Use an Electric Knife

If you go get up one of the best knives from our list- we will highly recommend looking them up to on YouTube for tips on how to use them best. Here’s a and great example of how to use an electric and fillet knife on a fish:

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