Best 10 ways to keep the brain active

By | August 2, 2019

There’s a “lazy brain devil’s factory”. So the brain is never lazy.

So what is the brain, really lazy? Stop working

In the language of science, the brain is never immobile. It is always active. Remember that the brain is still working while you are sleeping.

So why did our ancestors say such a thing? Did they not know the science?

They knew the science. But to them a lazy brain refers to the brain as to why the brain is silent without doing anything other than physical activity.

As science says, when you sleep, your brain creates new cells in place of damaged cells and repairs the damaged parts of the body. Even so, it slowly erases all the memories we don’t need.

Our ancestors say that our brain should always be involved in some kind of work. Otherwise, there comes the genre of immoral thinking.brain

The steps we can take to keep our brains active are as follows: –

১. First of all, instead of letting go of all the worries you have in your head, think of the beautiful moments in your life. The body and mind and brain will automatically wake you up.

2. Play. Any game that you like. However, I would personally recommend chess game, card game and three game, 3 game.

৩. Come from any place on the way to the workplace.

৪. Spend time with your friends And if you are married, spend time with your wife.

৫. Don’t waste time on social media. Loss here is more than your profit.

৬. Learn something new That you didn’t know before. Find out your hobby. Which work do you like best? It defers personally. My hobby is to plant trees.

৭. Give people a helping hand.

৮. Spend time with yourself every day. Meditate in a secluded place. About 10 minutes. Your brain will activate very quickly.

৯. Speaking of the brain, our body has to talk. Keeping the body healthy, the brain can be refreshed. For that you exercise about an hour every day.

১০. If possible, write a story or poem.


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