Best 10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication

By | August 2, 2019

High blood pressure not only increases heart attack, but also increases the risk of cerebral attack. Recent recommendations also suggest that blood pressure should be slightly lower than that of normal people who are diabetic, who have heart disease and those suffering from renal problems.

What to do to control blood pressure

Changes in daily living and daily access are the most important ways to control high blood pressure. These two tasks must be done regularly. Remember, it doesn’t cost a penny. Changes in lifestyle are said to reduce body weight, stop smoking, reduce salt intake, and maintain activity. Below is a detailed description of this topic. At the same time, three things were reported – stress, drinking and birth control pills.

Weight loss

Preliminary calculations for weight loss should be done by keeping the BMI in front of the eyes It is important to see that BMI is within normal levels. But before we get into the details, let’s take a look, what is BMI?

BMI – the whole meaning of the term Body Mass Index, is actually a reliable indicator of obesity based on weight and height. BMI is found if the weight taken in kilograms of a person is divided by the square of the height taken in meters. Thus, BMI = square of weight (kg) / height (m). Examples – Suppose you weigh 5kg and height 1.8m. Then your BMI would be, 1 / (1.5) sq = 1 / 0.1.1 = 22.5. The average Indian’s BMI is around 25. It should not be more than 5. If it is more than 5, then the BMI should be reduced to a certain limit. It is best if it is between 20 and 20. Be careful if you are over 20.

Bhumi – A convenient way to understand how much fat is in the body is to look at the stomach. The stomach of Bengalis is such that it is outward, that is, the appetite. This fat is rich in triglyceride. They get into the liver and have fatty liver problems. Triglyceride is also harmful to the heart. It is recommended that the size of the center of the body between female and male vedicles be 1 cm and 3 cm, respectively.

Vegetarian – If you are overweight, be careful about calories. For this, vegetable foods can be eaten at the best possible exclusion of fatty foods. It has already been proven that vegetarian diet regulates blood pressure. In fact, vegetables and fruits contain potassium which is good for blood pressure. However, if the kidneys are bad, potassium also needs to be controlled.

No smoking

Not just smoking, smoking of all kinds is bad for blood pressure. Smoking increases blood pressure. Especially for those who have recently started smoking, their blood pressure increases for vasoconstriction. It has been found that smokers have high blood glucose levels or concentration. Smoking is also bad for the heart. Those who have angina (chest pain) due to cardiovascular disease, smoking increases their pain. Smoking is a major cause of heart disease in women. This is very important because smoking reduces estrogen and HDL in women. As a result, every cigarette increases the risk of a heart attack. It is generally wrong to think that 3 cigarettes are less harmful than 5 packet cigarettes. Even passive smoking can cause serious harm. So if you want to quit smoking, you need to eliminate it altogether, not even touch it. It is said that at least 5 years after quitting smoking, a person’s risk of heart attack becomes the same as that of a normal smoker.

Reduce salt intake

3-4 grams of salt per day. It can be easily reduced to 3-5 grams. If the blood pressure does not decrease, then you should take the medicine at the doctor’s advice. Salt is the dominant factor in Bengali eating. If salt is low, the food does not taste. Excess salt is harmful to blood. Salt increases the sensitivity of blood vessels. Blood pressure rises as blood vessels drain. Moreover, the kidneys cannot handle the kidney as much as salt. Salt also increases blood volume. Therefore, you should eat as little salt as possible to control blood pressure.

If you have a habit of eating salt in your feet, first refrain from it. Nowadays many people eat handful of chips, fried food is very dear to many. There is also a large amount of salt in the readymade food made on the petal or animal meat or in the fast food market. Everyone of them needs to be avoided. Although there is a kidney problem, salt intake is reduced. Then the amount of salt allocated is 3-5 grams. On average, Bengalis consumed about 3-5 grams of salt. It needs to be monitored. Salt control, calorie awareness and increased potassium in cardiovascular patients are more beneficial.


Excise is needed to control blood pressure. However, it is not necessary to have a lot of access. Walking 5-7 days 3-5 minutes a week can reduce the calories by 3-5 calories. It controls body weight. It is better for blood pressure to expand the blood vessels after excision. Moreover, the journey of sedentary life, ie the habit of sitting in one place, should be minimized as much as possible. Those who work long hours at the office chairs, sometimes get up and take a walk.

Context Stress

It is proven that blood pressure increases from stress. So try to be as calm as possible. Avoid topics that can get excited. Stay away from stress and strain. For this, regular addition and meditation can be done. Adequate rest also maintains good blood pressure.

Cheapest alcohol

There is some disagreement over alcoholism, even though it is not fully controlled. Although alcohol expands the blood vessels, it is not recommended to stop them completely to prevent heart disease. But it needs to be kept to a certain level. If both men and women drink alcohol while maintaining levels, then liver, heart, as well as other body parts are good. On average, boys can drink 2-4 pegs on average 3-4 days a week and girls drink on average 2-3 cups.

The cheapest birth control pill

The birth control pill contains estrogen hormone. Widespread use of birth control pills in the past is thought to increase the risk of heart attack. In some women, pill low density reduces lipoprotein (LDL) and increases HDL. It increases blood pressure and blood sugar even though it is small. In fact, few studies have shown that low levels of estrogen do not increase the risk of a heart attack, unless the woman who uses the birth control pill has high blood pressure.

Another argument for increasing the risk of heart attack in the birth control pill is the synthetic hormone called progesterone in the birth control pill, which lowers HDL and increases LDL and blood sugar. It increases the risk of atherosclerotic heart disease.

Blood pressure problems are controllable, not curable

Remember, high blood pressure is controllable, but not curable. So if the blood pressure is normal after taking the medicine, it can not be stopped. Life-long drugs need to be continued. Stopping the medication will increase the blood pressure again and cause more damage.

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