Best 10 Green tea: Health benefits, side effects, and research

By | August 1, 2019

Nowadays drinking tea has become an important part of our lives. Whether it’s color tea, milk tea or green tea. A cup of tea brings solace in the busyness of life. At least we all drink tea. But we know little about the benefits of tea. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of green tea or green tea. Not for taste. Green tea is also good for health and helps control weight.

Green Tea means that many of us understand its green color. But not really. In the case of general tea, many grains are processed and given the same size, but most are not used in green tea. It is different from the general type of processing. In many cases, small-scale pesticides remain. Green tea is slowly gaining popularity when it comes to health benefits in other countries of the world, such as Japan and China. Green tea can be stored faster than other extracts. For this difference in the processing of green tea, it can hold the highest antioxidant. Green Tea contains polyphenols, a type of ingredient that helps reduce weight and is healthier. However, the caffeine contained in such teas is not mentioned in most green tea brands. It’s a matter of course. If a person accidentally drinks a green tea at night, his peace and restful sleep can be blown away.

Green Tea has many benefits. It helps to lose weight, prevents cancer, protects against throat infection, stimulates the brain. Even if someone wants to quit smoking, quitting smoking will help. By printing everything, Green Tea will protect the skin from aging and redness on the forehead. The health benefits of Green Tea are as follows:

To lose weight

Green tea increases metabolism. Green Tea Polyphenols help in the process of calorie preparation from foods by making the body’s fat oxidation process more efficient. As a result, the body does not accumulate excess fat. One study has shown that it burns up to 5 calories a day. That means you can lose up to 5 pounds a year by drinking regular green tea.

To control diabetes

Green tea helps control blood glucose levels. Upon eating, blood sugar levels increase, which directly controls the green tea. So Green Tea is very helpful in controlling diabetes.

As a fertilizer green tea side effects

Green tea is very useful. The green tea leaves are soaked in water for a few days and then given the water at the base of the tree, it acts as a fertilizer.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Scientists think that green tea works in every vein in the body. As a result, blood circulation is normal. So for some reason blood pressure changes but does not cause any harm. Moreover, green tea does not prevent blood clotting. As a result, the chances of a heart attack are greatly reduced.

To prevent esophageal cancer

Green Tea helps reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. It also eliminates cancer cells as a whole without causing any harm to good cells. Green Tea Antioxidant is 6 times better than Vitamin C and 25 times better than Vitamin E. Green Tea is specially used to treat and prevent skin and esophageal cancer. It also prevents the skin from falling into the skin.

Raise cholesterol

Green tea helps reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body. It also helps to increase the amount of beneficial cholesterol needed.

To prevent disease

Green tea is very beneficial for the body. It helps to prevent all diseases of the body. Green tea protects the body from harmful effects, thus increasing the immune system.

Keep teeth well

Green tea’s ‘catechine’ antioxidant destroys various bacteria and viruses inside the mouth. Which reduces various dental problems including throat infection. It also prevents dental cavities by destroying oral bacteria. Green Tea works very well as a mouthwash. It has antibacterial properties and no alcohol. Which can be in the regular mouthwash. Regularly drinking green tea plays an effective role in alleviating odor in the mouth.

Reduce blood pressure

Green tea is very helpful in reducing blood pressure risk. Experts believe that drinking green tea regularly will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, green tea is very useful for high blood pressure.

To increase memory

Green tea helps improve memory strength. Green Tea refreshes various parts of the body and helps to increase memory. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease green tea side effects, it can improve the condition somewhat by controlling the levels of acetylcholine responsible for Alzheimer’s.

To relieve depression

The amino acid, actually called ‘thianin’, is found in tea leaves. This ingredient helps reduce anxiety and depression. Therefore, drinking green tea regularly will relieve tension.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial

Green extracts serve as a deterrent to all diseases, from influenza to cancer. It destroys the cancer cell. The catechine ingredient in tea is very useful as anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Studies have shown that green tea prevents the spread of many diseases.

Skin care

Green Tea is a type of antioxidant that slows down the aging process and helps to prolong life. Keep two bags of green tea in the fridge for 2 hours in the refrigerator, cooling the eyes to reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

Those who love fruity smoothies or juices can mix two tablespoons of green tea powder with it. Playing it every morning for breakfast will be beneficial.
Grill or barbecue at home when you mix green tea powder with spices made for meat. It will not only make the taste of meat differ, but it will also play a great role in maintaining good health.
Many people like to eat pudding. You can enjoy a variety of flavors by adding a little green tea powder while making pudding or baking the cake.
Finally, let’s end with a fun recipe. If you love to make and eat ice cream, try green tea flavored ice cream with different flavors. Taste, health will never be a problem. ————————————————————————————— Tea or Green Tea Although many benefits of national drinks exist, in some cases there is little adherence to them. It is best not to overdo it, such as tea or green tea. And eating green tea before or after eating food is not right. It causes digestive problems. And before going to bed, it is best not to eat green tea at all. This will make restful sleep haram. So you will see that there are health benefits like tea or green tea, some rules should be followed. Then you will benefit from the body.

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