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By | August 1, 2019

The men and women know little about the benefits of garlic. Garlic is a known drug that is especially effective for men. For those who regularly eat garlic, there is nothing like old age, as even a 5-year-old will accept a 20-year-old rate. Garlic plays an important role in enhancing sex.

3) If the amount of semen in men is low.
2) If the semen is thin and the semen falls.
3) If you are unable to have sex.
3) If you have sexual desire.
3) If the body is weak or the force is low.

Garlic is called “penicillin of the poor” in the village language. Because of this, garlic has been used since the beginning of the world. Garlic works antibiotics in the human body. Garlic and blackberries fill together and there is no disease organism in the body.

Functionality: garlic benefits

3) Regularly eating garlic, male semen will be darker and thicker.
2) By playing garlic, the sexual ability will be greatly increased.
3) Garlic is a herb for those who have flare-ups.
3) Garlic is very effective in treating chest pains including cold soreness of baby.
3) Garlic is very useful in preventing seizures or semen.
3) Garlic helps to maintain proper blood circulation in the heart.
3) able to prevent high blood pressure or dizziness.
3) Effective to increase the sexual capacity of women with white discharge.
3) Garlic plays a role in relieving any pain in the body.

Excess garlic can cause bad breath in the mouth. Garlic is strictly forbidden for breastfeeding mothers, but it is beneficial to cook 2 to 5 kgs of garlic per week during pregnancy or with swords. Those who have allergic problems should not eat garlic and those who have time to stop bleeding and cure their skin should not eat garlic because garlic prevents blood clots. However, garlic can be eaten during the menstrual period so that the menstrual bleeding will be properly cleansed.

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Rules for consuming garlic:
In the case of a healthy person, one should eat two garlic garlic daily. Remember that nothing is extra good, so your health is near you. Regular garlic will give you the youth of old age.

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