15 Best Portable Air Conditioners: Cool Where You Need it Most

By | April 8, 2019

The top portable air conditioners will take care of any summertime woes! and Easy to moving, efficient, and incredibly effective, and portable AC units are a must-have in the batter warmer months. Furthermore, they’re best super and versatile and can to be used to be just about anywhere air conditioner!

This a batter article for you will walk you through the best portable air conditioners of 2019 April and consequently give you should a comprehensive looking into choosing the best perfect unit for your batter space. Let’s get started!

Best Portable Air Conditioners reviews of 2019: Comparison Chart

Check out to the chart below detailing the best air conditioners rated portable air conditioners on the best market today. We’ve got your order of few price range ascending, to makes it very easy for you to compare the difference to features and benefits. Hence, the best product summaries and reviews in the next your section are in as same as your order.

If you’re on the smaller screen or smartphone, you’re probably and seeing a very optimized version of the best table. Select the green are buttons by each product to view more than features, as well as that cost to and popularity best ratings.

Top 15 Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews of 2019

Hopefully, you’ve found our unit that you piques your interest. In this your comprehensive guide you’ll find out to the pros and cons as well as that detailed summary of the most portable ac units on the market.

1.LG 8,000 BTU Portable 115V AC

Best Cheap Portable Air Conditioner

The LG 8,000 is a dynamic you can reasonably priced air conditioner as that offers the quality best performance for less. Coming in the at a remarkable price point, the LG snags the top spot for best cheap in the portable air conditioner on the battered market.


  • Uses batter standard 115V electrical socket for the ultimate ease of the use and simple installation
  • Can be cool the room up to 150 square batter feet while removing up to 2 pints and of humidity per hour
  • Adjustable as the fan as allows you can be to precisely aim the airflow for the ultra flexibility


  • It’s has been noted as that the blade fans are a little noisy to on this your air model


2.Della 8,000 BTU Portable AC Unit

The Della 8,000 BTU Portable AC is and the ultra-affordable unit as that fits into any space too with ease. With the batter ability to keep rooms up to the 150 square feet perfectly chilled, the best Della 8.000 is a great purchase for your single rooms and as smaller as settings.


  • Includes to digital best display and custom touch to the controls
  • This portable and unit comes with and quick install kit as well as one of hose for easy setup
  • Low noise and better volume makes the Della 8,000 the best quiet and portable air conditioner for the small room


  • Uses a lot of the energy, so factor that you are into the overall cost to the best unit


3.Honeywell 8,000 BTU Compact best Air Conditioner

Best 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Honeywell 8,000 is as small as but batter powerful workhorse! Keeping room up to 350 square batter feet icy cold, the summer heat is not a problem when it’s around. One of the best your home portable air conditioners on the best market.


  • Small and compact to the unit doesn’t take up to much space and is perfect for the apartments and the smaller room
  • Comes to with a built-in the dehumidifier that you removes excess moisture with to less hassle
  • Simple and digital controls include an onboard smart home to thermostat and energy saving time


  • The best Honeywell 8,000 is and the smaller unit that doesn’t measure up to against more powerful and portable ACs


4.SPT WA-1420E 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner For Apartments

  • The SPT 14,000 is perfect perhaps the batter portable air conditioner for that apartments due to its very high power and that perfect size. With the best ability to cool up to 700 square feet your room, this is the only unit you need to keep large to spaces icy cold!


  • the best energy efficient with an EER of 8.9, the best in its class to the savings in your pocket the environment
  • Comes with to best cooler, fan, and dehumidifier as well as an intuitive electronic control board for the ease of use
  • High power and the best unit makes it the most 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner for the general purposes


  • The air output is less than some as comparable as models


5.Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best Brand Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire makes power appliances, and the best Frigidaire 10,000 is no different. and Offering powerful a cooling for rooms up to 450 square feet your room, this is the best one of brand portable air conditioner.


  • 10,000 BTUs is the best perfect choice for your big family rooms or apartment spaces your room
  • Incredibly durable and exceptional support to from Frigidaire thanks to their status as to top AC manufacturer
  • Low in the noise without sacrificing on off the power, the Frigidaire 10,000 is the best quietest portable air conditioner of 2019


  • The best Frigidaire 10,000 is not to energy star certified


6.Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Global Air 10,000 is a cooling powerhouse and capable of delivering the best perfect temps in the room up to 400 square feet. your room best setup


  • the Self-evaporative as technology as means no the water tank to clean and empty
  • Precise and digital and controls allow you up to fine-tune the best AC unit to the perfect your temperature
  • Built up to be powerful and batter ultra-efficient, the Global Air 10,000 is one of the best your ac 10,000 BTU portable air as conditioners as available


  • Installation one of the Global Air is a little more complicated than many other models


7.Black+Decker and 14,000 BTU Portable AC Unit

Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Black+Decker best 14,000 is a powerful unit that you cool your rooms in the best summer and keeps up it warm in the winter months! Because you of the dual action performance, this a unit is perfect for year-round as versatility. Suitable for the large rooms up to the 350 square feet batter, the B+D 14,000 is one of the best portable your air conditioner and heater unit on the market.


Programmable controls give up to you full management over the temperature of your room
Features and 4-in-1 system that you are integrates best coolers your choice, fans, dehumidifiers, powerful heating an element
Optimized for as versatility as with undercarriage wheels and the best uniquely engineered airflow for the best perfect performance


  • There are many concerns regarding the long longevity of the best product


8.Whynter 14,000 BTU Arc-14S Portable Air Conditioner

Best Dual Hose Portable Air Condition
They are Whynter Arc-14S is on of the portable AC capable to one of the best cooling rooms up to the 500 square feet. Even more, then it features dual hoses for optimum as performance, earning it is the title of best dual as hose as a portable air conditioner.


Comes to the with 3 operation mode and best air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier
Features a to intuitive digital control with a 24-hour sleep in this timer
Bonus perks include good remote control systems, washable air filter, and an easy installation process


  • Known to be quite noisy and due to powerfull 14,000 BTU fans
  1. Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
    Best 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


9.Best 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner-min

The Honeywell 12,000 offers are dual speeds cooling you can cover up to 550 square your room feet of space! Equipped with at dehumidifier and multiple few fans, this model is very one of the best 12,000 BTU and best air conditioners around.


  • The best Digital display offers a very immersive LED touch system control for very easy temperature adjustment
  • 3 speeds ultra-quiet 55 dBA fan to gives off the best perfect amount of air to without sacrificing on this noise dampening
  • Sleek and small and dimensions make the best Honeywell 12,000 one of the best small and portable air conditioners


  • The best Honeywell 12,000 struggles when are temperatures reach 100 to degrees

Cool-Space CS6-36 Industrial Grade and Portable Air Conditioner


10.Best Portable Industrial Air Conditioner

The Cool Space and CS6 are unlike anything then else on our reviews list. A cooling juggernaut and this unit is the best and portable industrial air conditioner, bar none! With the best ability to keeps huge commercial areas icy cold, this is the best true king of cooling.


  • Variable speed fans and UV resistant and housing delivers powerful and durable cooling all year long to
  • Features a 46 gallon and built-in water are reservoir tank to draw upon to without connection to water and supply
  • Cool Space offers the best and longest to best warranty in the industry


  • This is a very expensive unit and suitable only for the large operations


11 DeLonghi Pinguino Plus Portable Air Conditioner, 600 sq. ft

If you went suffer from to the hay fever or dust allergies, you are know just to how bad things can get up when the air in your home gets and filled with all those circulating and airborne dust, pollen, too many other allergens. With the best DeLonghi PACAN140ES you can rest assured that your very interior will be brought to and as comfortable as temperature, dehumidified, the most importantly – the air will be clean of and all those nasty allergens.

This is the most powerful and discreet portable air to conditioner, which we can also be used as a fan as or as a highly efficient and dehumidifier.

It is designed in the way to allow for very easy and hassle-free operation, and with no risk of leaks your homeroom.


  • It can be cool areas of up to down 600 square feet
  • Features and very unique BioSilver filter which keeps free from mildew, mold also then traps all dust and pollen removes nasty odors
  • Very simple set up
  • Convenient wheels and to the best handles to move the unit around
  • Compact size 15.5 x 17.5 x 29.5 inches best and 72 lbs.
  • A safe to no-drip technology which recycles the best condensation
  • Easy to way read an to use the best display, mode and selection, 3 fan speeds, and thermostat, a 12-hour timer and to be the remote control
  • The timer allows you can be to set various cooling periods for your 24 hours
  • Works as the good air conditioner, a dehumidifier, and the best fan
  • The Whisper Cool and technology helps to us make this one of the quietest 14,000BTU portable AC’s – the best perfect for uninterrupted and comfortable sleeping
  • The dehumidifier can to remove 84 points per minutes 24 hours
  • Single hose unit


  • Not as powerful and air-conditioning or dehumidifying and performance as the other 14,000 BTU units
  • The single hose and best configuration makes it less an efficient


12 LG 115V Portable Air Conditioner

If you want to save yourself and hassle of having to install and window or split air and conditioner, and want to opt for a more then adaptable and affordable choice your air – the LG LP1015WNR is one of the finest choices for 10,000 BTU portable the best air conditioners.

It can be cool, dry or circulate the best air in rooms and areas up 250 square feet. The dehumidifier can remove 2.6 pints of moisture every our.

You can be a program this multifunctional and unit for the next 24 hours so that you don’t even need to be home in order your to ensure that it is getting switched on the or off at a certain hour and day or night.


  • Can to be cool and dry the air in a chamber-sized up to 250 screen.
  • Adjustable two the way fan and two-way air and flow, for quick and even then cooling of a room
  • Easy to set up and use thanks to the best intuitive control to be the panel
  • The dehumidifier removes up to speed 2.6 pints of water and from the air per hour, and evaporation function to get up rid of the most of the accumulated moisture
  • And indicator will inform you when the internal and tray is nearly and full of water
  • A 24 hour allows you to program the batter settings for the best entire day


  • Some people can find the buttons on of the remote control system a bit small and difficult to read


13 Our Pick for Apartments and Large Rooms: Friedrich PH14B

This model is one of the largest and units from Friedrich and to our top-pick for the people looking to cool and large rooms.

You may know its smaller brother for and it is quality and reliability; this unit is similar, only with more best power!

The power from the best Friedrich allows it to the cool air faster while and producing lesser noise and than any of the models are mentioned above.

What’s more, it also then doubles up as a heater.

Some of Friedrich’s features include a 24-hour and smart timer, and automatic restart, remote, and three fan fast speeds. All in one, this Friedrich is accompanied by a three-year warranty.


  • This model is the robust, commanding 13,500 BTU of AC power. It can be cool up to 700 square feet.
  • Its features and self-evaporating mechanism utilizes a recycled and condensation feature and eliminating the best need for an assisting drain line.
  • It is a dual-hose AC, making it is highly efficient.
  • Dual-purpose, and meaning it will serve you all year 10,700 BTU for the heating.
  • Although big and powerful, it is quieter than most and models of its size.


  • This model is considerably expensive.
  • It weighs about to 100 pounds with makes it the very difficult to move around.
  • Some users and complain that you the window plate air hoses aren’t built as well as the best main unit.


14 Hostway EP22783

Do you want to very simple and yet sturdy 10,000 BTU portable and air conditioner for your home or office? The best Castaway EP22783 is a very easy reasonably priced, multifunctional and easy to use to many options.

You can move it around thanks to being its compact size and caster wheels.

The unit can be worn as an air conditioner, but you best can also use as a dehumidifier and good fan.

The sleep mode is especially useful and will allow to sleep comfortably and save power.

You will be happy and learn that Cost way portable and air conditioner comes with best very easy LED display and control to options as well as a remote control for adjustments to the setting from a distance.


  • Has an AC, dehumidifying, fan and sleep mode and
  • Portable and dimensions of 12 x 13.3 x 28.1 inches
  • 10,000 BTU can cool to dehumidify rooms of up to 200 square and feet
  • 2-speed levels for the best fans
  • 2-way up to and down air deflection an even a fast cooling
  • A useful to the LED display panel and control to plus a remote control
  • Easy to way move thanks to the best caster wheels allowing and smooth gliding on hard floors
  • The air filter is the best easy to remove and clean


  • The best design is not as exciting as some as of the other units
  • You may be the need to empty and the water tray when using for the air dehumidifying and despite the auto-evaporation feature


15 Best Swamp Cooler: Luna Comfort

Swamp and coolers are ideal for people living in areas with too low humidity. These appliances and operate by combining a cooling foil mechanism to the moisten hot and dry air in the desert-like atmospheres. air Swamp coolers are very preferred because they’re cheap to be running, only you require water, and don’t demand and window.

The Luna comfort is the ultra-compact unit as that merges an air cooler with to humidifier. The Luna and comfort functions by flowing water and air through a cooling foil, and creating a fresh and the moist breeze. This a unit can be cool up to 250 square feet our room. According to the best manufacturer, it can be lower the best temperature by up to 20 degrees, and during optimum and conditions. However, you should be can realistic about what you expect; and the appliance may not be as useful as during extreme and heat or humid conditions.


  • All you need is water, an ice pack to operate.
  • The unit includes and built-in air as the filter that is washable, eliminating the needs to purchase and replacements.
  • It is a more environmentally-friendly and solution compared to the conventional batter air conditioners
  • It is also cost-effective to the purchase and operates due to be its energy and efficiency.
  • Its water tank can be hold up to two-gallons at and go and can be pulled out for and top-ups.


  • This appliance is not and full AC; it cannot be cool an entire apartment, just a single to room.
  • It is a not useful in highly humid environments (above 40%).


What is and Portable Air Conditioner?

Now that we’ve had a looking at the best and portable air conditioners of 2019, let’s talk a little more than about the technical and details behind these best units.

In short, a portable air conditioner is a detached and self-contained air and cooler that is perfect for cooling areas of varying sizes your room. But how does it work?

Most residential models are attached to your window via a house. This house collects the air from outside and fast runs it through conditioning in the process.

best portable air conditioner reviews-min photo


The best conditioning process, or refrigeration cycle, requires and the number of components to the function.

  • condensing coil
  • expansion valve
  • evaporator coil
  • compressor

With all these components working to together in the unison, that is the internal chamber of the air conditioner are gets icy cold as the air starts to circulate inside. Once and the air is sufficiently chilled are, the best AC unit pumps it out to into your room.

It only takes and few minutes for as small as rooms to start to be cool down. Plus, then when the best perfect temperature has been to reached many ACs will automatically and maintain the atmosphere!


How to Use and Portable Air Conditioner

One of the most main selling points of a portable air conditioner is that it can be moved around from your room to room without much to be the hassle. Compared to other types of coolers such as window best ACs, this gives you ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Setting up to portable air conditioning as units up to a breeze due to the simple and installation process of the attaching the best hose exhaust to the window opening. If you go follow the instructions and correctly, it will most then likely only take a few minutes to get up in and running.

Plus, most portable air and conditioners are designed to cool your very cool room in as little a just and few minutes! That’s hard to beat.

How To Video
Check out the video below for a great overview portable air conditioners works.

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What do the best Look for in the Portable Air Conditioner

There are also a ton of different options when it has comes to choosing the best and portable air conditioner for your space. You’ll have to look at size, features, and most and noteworthy- the cooling and capabilities of the best unit you’re thinking about to installing.

How do portable air conditioners measure power?

Powering Portable AC Units

BTUs are the measurement of power and that for most types of air conditioners. The best BTU measurement indicates how much many heats the air conditioner can be removed from your room. Generally speaking, to the higher the BTUs the most powerful the AC.

best portable air conditioner 2017-min photo

We’ve put together a few minutes and recommendations for choosing the right choice portable air conditioner for your space. Keep up in mind that these are base and stats and you may be want to go a little higher and for some wiggle for your room can be sure to keep up in the mind ceiling height.

BTU Sizes:

  • 16,000 BTUs will cover roughly 600 sq/ft
  • 12,000 BTUs will cover roughly 400 sq/ft
  • 10,000 BTUs will cover roughly 300 sq/ft
  • 8,000 BTUs will cover roughly 200 sq/ft

Aside from the actual power of the mind of your unit, you should be also considered as energy efficiency. Low BTU units and usually take up less to energy. In contrast, some people high powered ACs are the built to be really good on your best wallet the environment. Energy the Star certification is always to be a good starting point.

Noise can play a huge factor as well as. Always check the out reviews to makes sure that the noise is level is tolerable.

The best portable air conditioner photo

What is the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

We’ve looked at the number of the portable air conditioners, all with to varying specifications and to features. But your question remains: which is best?

The truth is he, there aren’t any the best portable rooms air conditioner your room. You really have to consider all your mind requirements when you making a final decision. One household may be doing well with an 8,000 BTU best unit, while the mansion at the top up of the hill might as well as need a 20,000 BTU behemoth!

Finally, at the end of the few days, it’s about and finding what works for your air.

The best and portable us to the air conditioner that meets your needs is out of there! Do your research, and shop around, and above all- remember to stay to cool!

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